Mobile Registered Massage Therapist providing service on a portable bed in Ottawa.

Massage For You

In-Home Registered Massage Therapy


Delivering quality care whether you’re an athlete dealing with an injury, an office worker experiencing repetitive strain, or someone simply looking to prevent injuries, reduce stress or maintain – we’re here to support your unique wellness journey.

Convenient in-home RMT services across Ottawa Central and East. Group sessions for families and couples.

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Woman in wheelchair getting massage

Massage For All

Accessible Mobile Massage Therapy


Therapeutic relief and relaxation to those who need it most, accessible and senior massage services are thoughtfully designed for individuals with physical limitations.

Understanding the unique challenges and needs of seniors and those with mobility issues, we provide compassionate, personalized care where they’re most comfortable.

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RMT giving massage to clients in an Ottawa workplace.

Massage At Work

Corporate Registered Massage Therapy


Bringing wellness right to your workplace with mobile corporate massage services designed to meet the diverse needs of your team. Boost employee morale and empower wellness.

Offering convenient, on-site corporate RMT services across Ottawa Central, East, and West. Group massage rates start at $700 for 10-15 participants.

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Soccer team huddled with golden sun shining through.

Massage At Work

Pre-Event Sports Massage Therapy


Prepare your body for peak performance with our pre-event sports massage service. Enhance your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. By increasing blood flow, improving flexibility, and reducing muscle tension, pre-event sports massage can help you feel primed and ready to tackle your event with confidence.

Whether you’re gearing up for a marathon, a big game, or any athletic endeavor, our pre-event sports massage can help your team prepare.

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Mobile Registered Massage Therapy in Ottawa

In-home massage therapy across Ottawa and the Outaouais