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Does your loved one need a wheelchair?

Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Mobility Authorizer in Ottawa

ADP is a program by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that supports and funds mobility equipment for Ontario residents with long-term physical disabilities.

This inclusive province-wide program covers 75% of the cost for most items, including manual and power wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, scooters, and specialized seating.

ADP Program Requirements

  • be an Ontario resident,
  • have a valid Ontario health card,
  • have a disability requiring the equipment or supplies for 6 months or longer

Mobile ADP Authorizer Service in Ottawa

Our mobile ADP authorizer service is available across Ottawa including Kanata, Gloucester, Orleans, Overbrook, Blackburn Hamlet, Rockcliffe, Beechwood, and Downtown.

Ottawa’s Mobile ADP Authorizer

ADP Authorizer Comes To You

75% Of Costs Covered by Province

Compassionate Service


Do I need a certain income to qualify?


No, as long as you are an Ontario resident with an OHIP card in need for mobility equipment, you can be assessed for qualification.


Does the assessment cost money?


The occupational therapist (OT)/Physiotherapist (PT) will charge for the appointment dependent on needs and number of appointments. Insurance companies will generally cover the cost or portion


So the ADP covered 75%, do I pay the remaining 25% for the equipment?


Yes, you do need to pay 25%. You can check your insurance company for coverage of medical equipment. Many have options for coverage.


I am on ODSP/OW and can’t cover my 25% portion.


There are options for 100% coverage for those on disability and Ontario works.

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